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ELECTION OF A NEW PRESIDENT at the 29th Conference in Rome (2019): Statement from Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert (Ruhr University Bochum)

By 29th March 2019October 30th, 2020Blackboard

Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert has been nominated by the AKSE Council for President of the Association. A formal election will take place at the General Meeting of the Association in Rome during the 29th Conference (Friday 12 April from 18.15 in the Verdi Room).

Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert:

“AKSE is a completely self-organized scholarly society, with no administrative staff to support its activities. It is up to ourselves to keep the organization going. For the next four years, I am ready to take responsibility as the association’s president.

With globalisation being still in full swing in academia, the function of regional scholarly associations such as ours is slowly but steadily changing; and Korean Studies undergo transformations in accordance with the changing regional and global role of both South and North Korea. It is my conviction that AKSE needs to positively embrace these developments while safeguarding its identity as, foremost, an association of Korean Studies scholars based in Europe. Part of this task is an adequate representation of the Social Sciences without giving up the European hallmark of the relative strength in the Humanities. As a Humanities scholar with a long track-record of cooperation with the Social Sciences, I hope to be able to work towards striking the right balance. Of highest concern to me is also the maintenance and, if possible, even an uplift of the scholarly level of future AKSE conferences. Further issues to which I would devote attention, if elected, concern the organizational development of AKSE, such as creating new programs that would make our association even more supportive and attractive for our members.”