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Jangseogak Collections Digital Image Service

By 10th November 2018October 30th, 2020Blackboard

As the research institute and government library, the Jangseogak Archives holds pre-modern historical manuscripts, government documents, literati writings from Chosŏn (1392-1910) Korea (for further information: The digital images of the Jangseogak collections, along with the digitized texts, have now become accessible online for scholars all over the world. We hope that these sources will enhance the circulation of knowledge and support researchers of Korean Studies. 
The image files of the Jangseogak sources are available at:

1. Features of the Jangseogak Collections Digital Image Service – Up-to-date color image files in higher resolution than the MF files
– Regular updates of the contents
– Accessible worldwide– no membership required.
– International standards (HTML5)
–  User-friendly service: the lists of the Jangseogak collections are provided at:장서각_고서_원문자료_열
* Please refer to for 韓國本 經部

2. English Translations of the Jangseogak Collections
– The Jangseogak Archives hosts an annual summer school for early-stage researchers. In the summer school, early-stage researchers are trained to translate selected documents and manuscripts from the Chosŏn dynasty. The translated works from summer schools are regularly revised and updated here:

3. Forthcoming Services
– Image files will be downloadable from 2019 (For now only viewing is in service)
– The integrated service system of the Jangseogak primary sources is under construction. We will make an official announcement when this project is completed. 

We hope that these resources will be widely known to scholars all over the world. We ask for your constructive criticisms as well as suggestions for translation and research.

For further inquiry, please do not hesitate to email us: