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In connection with the upcoming AKSE Conference to be held at Prague (20-23 April 2017), there will be elections for two Ordinary Members of Council. The following details of the constitution can also be found on the AKSE website.

The current Constitution of AKSE states:

The Council of the Association shall consist of 8 members:

  • a President;
  • a Vice-President;
  • a Secretary;
  • a Treasurer;
  • a Councillor for Public Relations;
  • a Councillor for Membership Affairs;
  • and  two other persons.

The members of the Council must be Full Members of the Association, and shall be elected at Membership Meetings. Members of the Council shall be expected to serve normally for a period of four years.
Vacancies on the Council arising between Membership Meetings shall be filled by co-option or by transfer of duties within the Council. Members shall be notified of any such changes.”

AKSE members in good standing are invited to nominate candidates for two Ordinary Members of Council. Self-nominations are not accepted. Because we hope for the widest possible representation, when nominating people, please consult the website for the current Council and consider regional, disciplinary, and gender distributions in nominating new members.

Nominations of candidates should be sent to the AKSE President by 15 March 2017 for election at the Prague Conference, and contain:

  • The nominee’s name, the nominators’ names (at least two names)
  • The written consent of the nominee
  • A short statement of intent from the candidate

NOTE: All AKSE members in good standing are eligible for Council membership.

Except for the President’s position, other positions within the AKSE Council will be distributed among the elected Council members as appropriate.

At the Prague Conference, the Council will also propose and seek acceptance from the membership for the following appointments within the Council:

  • The current conference organiser has traditionally become the Vice-President to provide continuity for the next conference.
  • The next AKSE Conference organizer will automatically become the next Secretary, so the position is linked to the venue of the next conference.
  • To ensure continuity and financial stability of the Association, it has been customary for the Treasurer to be able to stay in the Council for more than 4 years.

The names of candidates for the two Council positions will be put on the AKSE website approximately one month before the AKSE Conference in Prague, or by 15 March 2017.

Council members leaving in 2017:

Ordinary Members: Sonja Häußler and Marie-Orange Rivé-Lasan (to be replaced by election), and Vice-President Marion Eggert (to be replaced by Miriam Löwensteinová, who is organizing the Prague Conference).

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