1. The name of the Association shall be “The Association for Korean Studies in Europe” (AKSE).


2.The Association shall be non-political and its objects shall be:

  • to stimulate and to co-ordinate academic Korean studies in all countries of Europe;
  • to contribute to the spread of knowledge of Korea among a wider public.

The objects of the Association shall be attained:

  • by organizing academic conferences on Korea;
  • by issuing a Newsletter;
  • by encouraging and facilitating co-operation with other organizations having aims consistent with its own objects.


3. The Association shall consist of Full Members in the categories of Ordinary Members and Honorary Members, and of Associate Members in the categories of Individual Associate Members and Corporate Associate Members.

Ordinary Membership is open to persons permanently resident in Europe with a serious academic interest in Korea. Individual Associate Membership is open to persons not permanently resident in Europe. Applications and proposals for Membership are to be addressed to any member of the Council and decided upon by the Council of the Association.

4. Members shall pay an annual fee to be determined by the Council.

Members may be exempted partially or totally from payment of the fee upon decision of the Council. Payment of the fee shall be due on January First of each year.

5. Membership shall expire:

  • when a Member resigns from the Association by notifying the Secretary in writing;
  • when the Membership fee has not been paid within six months of the due date;
  • when a Member is expelled from the Association by the Council for having acted in a manner detrimental to the interests or the good name of the Association.

Expulsion shall require the consent of not less than four members of the Council. Before a decision on expulsion is taken, the Secretary of the Association will write to the Member in question, stating the nature of the alleged offence, together with the name(s) of the informant(s) or source(s) of information, and allowing a reasonable time for an explanation.

6. Regular Membership Meetings will be held during academic conferences or when called by the Council.

The Council shall call an Extraordinary Membership Meeting upon the request of one-third of the Full Members of the Association. Notice of any business to be transacted at a Membership Meeting shall be given in writing to the Secretary, who shall prepare the agenda of the meeting.

One-third of the Full Members of the Association shall form a quorum for any Membership Meeting, and only Full Members shall have voting rights at any Membership Meeting.


7. The affairs of the Association will be managed by the Council. Should the Council need to deal with any matter not explicitly provided for in this Constitution, it shall do its best to consult all Members before making any decision, and in any event submit its decision to all Members at the earliest possible opportunity.

8.The Council of the Association shall consist of:

  • a President;
  • a Vice-President;
  • a Secretary;
  • a Treasurer;
  • a Councillor for Public Relations;
  • a Councillor for Membership Affairs; and
  • two other persons.

The members of the Council must be Full Members of the Association, and shall be elected at Membership Meetings. Members of the Council shall be expected to serve normally for a period of four years.

If a motion of no confidence in any Member of the Council is supported by four Members of the Council, that Member shall be dismissed from the Council and from any office which he or she holds in the Association.
Notice of any business to be transacted at a Membership Meeting shall be given in writing to the Secretary, who shall prepare the agenda of the meeting.
Vacancies on the Council arising between Membership Meetings shall be filled by co-option or by transfer of duties within the Council. Members shall be notified of any such changes.
Four members of the Council shall form a quorum for Council meetings. The Treasurer is to render audited annual accounts of the finances of the Association.


9. This Constitution can be amended at Membership Meetings.

Amendments shall be notified to all Members at least six months before the Membership Meeting. An amendment shall require not less than two-thirds of the votes of Full Members present at a properly constituted Membership Meeting.