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Newsletter for 2021/2022


All members of AKSE and subscribers to the Newsletter are urged to submit materials to the Newsletter Editor for inclusion in the Newsletter for 2021/2022. Any information pertaining to academic Korean Studies in Europe is welcome. Submissions may be made in French, German, or English. Please organise the information into the following categories:

  1. General Information: You may include basic information about your department or program, such as the names of main faculty members, assistant instructors, and visiting scholars.
  2. Academic Program: You may include here reports on the academic programme of study at a university or other academic institution, including reports on new developments in the programme of study, the number of students pursuing a particular degree course, numbers of graduates, or any other information relating to the academic programme of Korean Studies during the past year.
  3. Seminars and Lectures: You may provide a list of seminars and lectures on Korea at your university during the past year. For each event, please give the date (in the format, day-month-year), title of the talk, and the event and venue.
  4. Other Activities: Activities relating to Korean Studies which took place in your institution or country during the past year. Reports of performances, concerts, radio, TV, or online programmes on Korea, and any outreach activities to the wider public should be included here.
  5. Scholars’ Reports: You may include any papers presented, research undertaken or contemplated, performances presented, conferences attended, or any other scholarly activity related to Korean Studies. Publications, however, should NOT be included here, but under category 6 below. Please note that a separate paragraph should be written for each person for whom information is provided. For talks and paper presentations, the format should be: date (day-month-year), title of the paper, name of the event, and name of the venue.
  6. Publications: You may include here your own publications or the publications of anyone else in your country which may be of serious interest to scholars of Korean Studies. You should NOT list any publications that are due to be published in the following academic year.  As a model, see the format used under entries for any university.
  7. Announcements: Include here any announcements of forthcoming events or requests for information from members of AKSE or readers of the Newsletter. Also include information on any changes of address or other contact details.

PLEASE NOTE: Romanisation of Korean words and terms can be done according to either the Revised Romanization System or the McCune-Reischauer System unless the Yale System is used for linguistic purposes or a conventional spelling of a name is used.  Spelling of English words may follow either British or American conventions.  You may include 한글 or 漢字 to identify names and other proper nouns but be aware that they may be edited out of your submission. Please do not use superscript text since it will appear too small to be easily readable.

Information must be provided in an MSWord file and be sent as an email attachment.

For examples of previous submissions, please refer to previous Newsletters.

Materials to be included must reach the Editor by 15 December, 2023 at the latest.

Please divide your reports into two parts, one for each calendar year, and send them to:

Vladimir Glomb, Bonnie Tilland