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Call for Korean Studies authors for ‘European East Asian Criticism Terms Dictionary’ project

By 4th July 2020October 30th, 2020Blackboard

Call for Korean Studies authors for European East Asian Criticism Terms Dictionary project

Introduction to the dictionary project:

European East Asian Criticism Terms Dictionary is a project proposed by Michel Espagne, Professor of ENS (Paris) and CNRS Research Director, and cooperate with Xiao Yingying, Associate Professor of Nanjing Normal University (China). This dictionary project intends to balance the spread and inheritance of literary and art criticism in East Asia and Europe. We should not be self-satisfied with the concept of European criticism occupying the mainstream discourse in contemporary academia. Instead, we should consider that if the concept of European literary criticism contributes to the modernization of traditional East Asian literature and art, then East Asia literary and art criticism can also provide a reference for European contemporary culture. Therefore, our goal focus on exploring the systematic meaning of concept and the openness to tradition and future. The concept of criticism involves not only literature, but also history, philosophy and religion. If we can further open up the multi-dimensional interpretation of concepts, such as seeing philosophy and religion from the point of view of literature or historical literature, and literature and history from the concern of philosophy or religious literature, it will be more helpful to achieve our goal and meet our expectations.

Therefore, the dictionary will “juxtapose” the criticism terms of European countries and the four East Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam) in alphabetical order, breaking the geographical and historical limitations and the inherent classification of disciplines and professions. The dictionary will be published in French in Paris first, then published in Chinese in China.

Specific requirements for entries in the compilation

We will invite scholars from various countries in Europe and East Asia to participate in the preparation of entries, but it should be noted that we are not expecting to make a large and complete dictionary like and “Encyclopedia.” The project is expected to have 250 entries, of which there will be 125 entries each from Europe and East Asia, and the length of each entry is about 5000 French characters (if the author writes in a language other than French, it is also necessary to estimate the length of the entry after translation). A short bibliography of 4 books or articles in a European or Asian language could be helpful. The dictionary will be published in French first, so East Asian authors should pay special attention to how to explain the entries from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam to a French reader?

If our project interests you, please send us your C.V. and propose some entries to the following email address. Please write your message in French, or in Chinese, or in English:

Michel Espagne:

Xiao Yingying (萧盈盈) :