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Call for Papers – 11th Korean Screen Culture Conference, 7-8 June, 2024, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

With generous support from the Korea Foundation and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Goethe University of Frankfurt will host the 11th Korean Screen Culture Conference on June 7th and 8th, 2024. The theme of this year is “Diversity in Korean Screen Cultures,” encompassing North, South, and diasporic Korean cinema, drama, webtoon, music videos, gaming, and social media. The primary objective of this conference is to explore the aspects of diversity and shifts evident in the format, content, diffusion, infrastructure, production, distribution, and reception of cultural products, under the influence of digital transformation.
We welcome proposals for papers and panels that engage with the following suggested topics. However, papers addressing themes related to the core conference focus will also be considered:
Suggested Topics:
  • Representation of under-represented social groups: LGBTQ, minority, the disabled, the aged, multicultural families, etc.
  • Reception and fandom: diverse audience reactions and interpretations of Korean screen content, especially through digital platforms, newly emerging fan practices, and the culture of global and regional fandoms.
  • Legal framework: the scope of copyright and global diffusion through piracy, fan-subbing, etc.
  • Production: the impact of diversity on production; the role of digital media platforms in shifting cultural production; exploration of new technologies such as intermedial adaptations, AI, holograms, Metaverse, etc., in production.
  • Marketing and distribution: a diverse array of emerging marketing and distribution strategies employed in the global promotion of Korean screen content, and the role of digital platforms in distribution.
  • Festivals and conventions (film festivals, comic conventions, game conventions): their role in shaping diverse Korean screen culture; their impact on global audiences and industry trends.
Submission Guidelines:
Proposals: Abstracts (400 words) and panel proposals (1,400 words) and a brief bio (150 words) including contact details by 29 February 2024; acceptance notifications by 13 March; full papers of 6,000-8,000 words by 26 May 2024.
Please submit all individual papers/bios in one long document in PDF to: